Anne&Max culinary DNA

With 20 branches, the Anne&Max chain has been providing a sustainable foodservice concept throughout the Netherlands for years. With a powerful positioning from sustainability and organic ingredients, Anne&Max collaborates with We Design Food to strengthen and anchor its culinary position for the future. The culinary DNA is developed and translated into future their menus.


Food Concept Design
Recipe Development & NPD


Chain Foodservice / Lunchroom

Louis Meisen

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A chain of branches and frenchisers requires a powerful DNA in the field of food. It is important that the menus are recognizable, meet the expectations of the target group and grow along with trends and sustainable developments in the world. The anchoring and recording of these core values is done in recipes, based on a culinary concept document. In collaboration with existing suppliers and producers, We Design Food is both the developer, recipe writer, curator and trainer for implementation.


We Design Food is committed to a workable food concept. Anne&Max is a powerful brand with a clear target group and style. As a result, we started working with a clear culinary profile, so that every dish also feel logical for the guest and remains recognizable in quality anywhere in the Netherlands. In this evolution, we take our time, and we work step by step towards operational succes. First the profile and DNA, then the first tastings, product development with producers and finally a fixed strategy for menu development per season. Recipes, margin and manuals can all be consulted online by Anne&Max, so the way of working is also very efficient and we can develop the standard set as a permanent partner.

“When I started Anne&Max, my dream was to serve the best food and be special. Now is the time to take that last step''.

It’s fantastic to see how the visionary leadership at Anne&Max gives us the confidence to work on the culinary DNA in their extension. Our food design core business is about food quality and a food concept that matches with the entire proposition of the company. We connect to operational success from a conceptual culinary positioning, and lead partners in the further development of a professionally managed food concept in all layers of the company. An Anne&Max branch is always a beacon of tranquillity, with beautiful design and a clear statement on sustainability, with now also a clear link to the plate on the table. The future will bring an even more powerful statement in taste and appearance on the plate; where we lay the final piece of the puzzle together with the entrepreneurs and the team of Anne&Max.