Futuristic Islandic Foodconcept: Ice & Fries

Foodconcept design brings al our specialities and services together. We develop from creativity, create all recipes, find the right partners and we take care of a smooth realisation and implementation. The good thing about Ice&Fries, is that everything centres around innovation, tech and futuristic design. A beautiful project in downtown Reykjavik.


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Louis Meisen

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In our own concept development model, we make sure we go through these phases step by step. To deliver a foodconcept, we have to figure our exactly what the client wants and needs from us. In this case we are talking about an international performing food concept with a group of investors and a direct link with a liquor brand. Besides food, the drinks are as important, and the owners were looking for synergy within the concept. The investors are in addition experienced in tech development and digitalising and standardising processes. Next to being creative with the heritage and culture, we also had to think about outsourcing local production, 3D printing, minimal handling in the outlet with as little as possible staff and off course; a link to the drinks in the menu.

We Design Food shares the vision that a kitchen is helped with strong support from tech. We found Apic Base a fitted candidate to support this project. They served as a training tool, stock management tool and communication tool for photos and allergens. As third partner we found a local food producer, that used our recipes to create all components in small and big badges, frozen, and also transport it, optional through Europe. The recipes were fully developed to also be produced by any other producer in other countries.

Now back to the concept; Ice&Fries. Originated from Glacier Fire, the strategy was set to enhance the brand by starting a fast casual food concept; where the drinks play an important part in the experience. Using robots, cocktails are made in sight of the guests, ordering process is fully digital and besides Food&Drinks, the full experience is larded with gadgets. Guests are walking in an ice cave, they have their own tablet, they communicate with robots and they have their own music system per table.

Now the food! We developed per dish a reference to the Icelandic culture, the tourists in Iceland, the heritage of the investors with their cultural backgrounds and we connected a modern food DNA to fast casual dining. So Yes, we serve damn good fries with toppings (loaded!); but we do that with a We Design Food philosophy. Taste, flavour and nutritional value have to be of exceptional quality. We used strong brands such as Beyond Meat to gove dishes also some marketing value, and we made veggie and vegan food more dominant. Sauces were made just for Ice&Fries, and with local producers we could add beautiful local ingredients to the food components and also the (very important) toppings. Also, a live 3D printed topping was not a problem.


Prepared to perfection

Because the dishes had to be finished in a very small and minimalistic kitchen with a minimum of staff, we needed skilled people. So, the people that serve you today, are of great quality and very well trained. Also, this fact is new to a fast-casual concept in general; where usually there is no space for this level of skill. With all the support We Design Food and the digital working environment gave; the team could focus completely on the finishing touch. So, live grated lime peel, a 3D printed theme component, cresses, spice crumbles and seaweed powders were presented in front of the guest, with a dramatic and beautiful result. The photos speak for themselves!


At a distance

With a team in Iceland, and the clients living all over the world; we had to work very efficient in careful steps to guide them through to process from research, design and bringing the concept live. On just one tasting day we finally met each other for the first time in Amsterdam; and there the full menu was set and approved. Everything before that tasting was via online meetings, using our project plan from phase to phase. This way, we were able to defend the creative process and also morph smoothly into the development phase in Iceland. Our team did a 10 day training session, made the kitchen ready to go live and they checked all kitchen systems and workflows. After this, the team was ready to go, and the technique did the rest!




Now that the concept is live, we already did the first menu engineering round. We changed the less popular dishes in recipe and/or pricing, or we changed the with better dishes. Also, seasonality is part of the strategy. These new introductions were developed up front, ready to be introduced in the system. All feedback from the floor, the guests and the operations were uploaded directly in the back office, so we could change things immediately if needed. The final goal with this concept is to spread to other European cities, bringing that mythical Icelandic culture abroad but also adopt the local culture. When the technique is ready, Ice&Fries will definitely be the first to introduce a kitchen robot that can assemble, fry and reheat, next to their already operational cocktail robot.

“All the food tastes exactly like in the tastings. The standards are great and matched every day, on every moment of time”.  

Team Glacier Fire

In these times, writing a new case, it is impossible to not mention Covid. Although Ice&Fries was a success from the start, the strict lockdown in Iceland has been a disaster for all Horeca. A country and city so depended on tourism, is also hit extra hard. We hope the concept will make it through these harsh times. At least, all the efforts and new innovation help the business to control their costs and food offer, so that has been Covid proof to call it that way; but the future is unsure and the shopping streets need to be full again with happy consumers and tourists; looking for those exceptional fries.

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