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Located in Europe’s most dynamic cities, the hybrid hospitality company The Social Hub is much more than a hotel. The Social Hub’s unique model means it is as flexible as it gets, welcoming travellers, students, businesspeople, digital nomads, locals and more within its dynamic spaces carefully designed to learn, stay, work and play. These include short and extended stay hotel rooms, co-working areas, restaurants and bars, meeting and event spaces for functions big or small, and a whole lot more. All this comes together with experiences designed to create connections and generate social impact on all those who walk through its doors.

A Solid Foundation for the Future.

We Design Food has established the foundation for all food & beverage (F&B) processes within The Social Hub outlets. Thanks to our culinary expertise, we have created a future where high-quality dishes and a unique experience seamlessly merge within The Social Hub’s strong brand ethos. We have documented and standardized the essential processes, contributing to consistent quality, efficiency, and a solid foundation for the future of The Social Hub’s F&B operations. This project encompassed three core components: Menu & Recipe Development Toolkit, Breakfast Sharing Table and Meetings & Events. In this case, we are focusing on the Menu & Recipe Development Toolkit.


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Culinary DNA as a Core Value

For The Social Hub, it has always been essential to have a strong culinary DNA which provides consistency across its various cultures and properties throughout Europe. The menus must be not only recognizable and delicious but also meet the expectations of both local and international guests. We Design Food has integrated and implemented these values through a Culinary Menu & Recipe Toolkit. During this project, we focused on documenting and redefining processes within menu & recipe development. We did this for both the Dutch and European markets, ensuring accessibility for all. The aim was to respect The Social Hub’s wish to establish common guidelines while also allowing room for local input.

We have set up a detailed structure that reflects the unique features of The Social Hub’s both standard and flagship properties. By ‘standard’, we mean properties which should advance with a standardized menu, while a Flagship property has room within the level of recipes to experiment.

In collaboration with The Social Hub, We Design Food has established guidelines for developing a consistent menu, which included:

  • Menu positioning
  • Menu rotation
  • Purchasing procedures
  • Quality standards
  • Margin optimization
  • Food waste reduction

This comprehensive toolkit encompasses a range of guidelines and tools to ensure that every aspect of menu & recipe development, from concept to execution, is of the highest quality and aligns with The Social Hub’s ethos.

In addition to menu development, We Design Food has also focused on developing guidelines for recipe development.

Our process for recipe development encompasses four carefully constructed phases, covering the entire cycle from concept to creation. We have further supported this process with a thorough source of information on the origin of ingredients, quality controls, sustainability, cost management, product passports, and visuals for each recipe. Each dish undergoes a rigorous testing phase, including cost calculation and allergen control, to ensure that every aspect of the recipe contributes to the overall experience of The Social Hub. Thanks to this revamped process, chefs and F&B teams can confidently develop innovative, flavorful, and consistently high-quality dishes that provide the same experience and quality at every location.

“In the Menu & Recipe Development toolkit, We Design Food has demonstrated a solid understanding of both operational and culinary standards.”

Sten von Kühn – Sr. Experience Manager (The Social Hub)


We Design Food has successfully developed standardized guidelines that ensure quality and consistency in the F&B offerings. We are proud to have been a partner of The Social Hub in preparing them for a consistent F&B future. The above menu and recipe development standardization forms the basis for the next step: implementation.

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