Good food is a beautiful thing.
Our values, technical skills and services are all aligned to bring you the best food concept design, delivery and transformation in the market. Our network of suppliers, food producers and chefs is as strong as it gets and will allow you to deliver consistent quality time and time again. We are ready!

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Every briefing is different. Every company or event is different. And every food concept needs specific production, products and (sourcing) support to deliver consistent quality time and time again. Our extensive food services and professional (supply chain) network allows us to efficiently source suppliers that facilitate food or menu components. We find you the supporting partners so your team can focus on the main goal: serve the best food and deliver the best concept possible.

  • Case: Sourcing & supply chain
  • Client: Tausch brand-sensations
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Change is exciting and challenging. A successful food concept is never just a nice design on a piece of paper. You may be introducing new flavours, focusing on product handling or adjusting communication. We work  alongside your team to test, train, coach and inspire – leaving you with a food concept and a work flow that your team can sustain once we leave.

  • Case: Coaching & Training
  • Client: Metaal Kathedraal
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Metaal Kathedraal BUITENKANT

We are

  • Case: Food Concept Design
  • Client: Café Comodo
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A new foodconcept starts with a brainstorm. It is important that we understand why an investor and owner of a business want to start a restaurant and from which philosophy it sprouts. A project kick off is essential in the whole concept development. We need to align on direction and strategy as thorough as possible and it is vital that cards are on the table. Off course, our formed goals and targets need to meet with the owner’s objectives. The culinary strategy, kitchen management and the culinary communication have to be in line with the whole team, often existing out of an architect, project leader, builder and chef.

Return on investment, interior and taste have to come together in an organic way and the guest should only think; Yes, this is just right!

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Louis Meisen

food concept strategist
Louis works from his passion for food and has a perfect sense for food quality and trends. Mission? Make sure...

Arne Ramak

Foodconcept creator
Arne never sleeps. He is the scientific base of what eating really is and means within a project. Arne in...

Leendert van de Pel

Project Manager
Leendert is a citizen of the world. Always seeking the essence that food can offer. He traveled extensively and lived...

Ilse de Gouw

Toen ik nog een heel klein meisje was, was ik al erg geïnteresseerd in eten, deze interesse heeft mijn systeem...

Carlijn Jaakke

Culinary Concept Strategist
Met een bachelor in Commerciële Economie en een theoretische master Gastronomie in het Noorden van Italië kan Carlijn haar creativiteit...

Lieke Sniekers

Lieke is our storyteller. Her journalistic background and activities for multiple well-known magazines give colour to our concepts. Liekes quality...

Maartje Bruijns

Retail & product-marketing professional
Maartje gives projects a foundation. She gives meaning and content to a first idea and handles it step by step....

Bas Wiegel

Bas is that chef who stays calm no matter what. He trusts on his technical and organizational skillset and just...

Patricia Ploeger

Dietist & nutrition technologist
Patricia doesn’t fool around when it comes to food and the understanding of our diet. She knows what’s in your...

Lotte Kuijsters

Researcher / R&D
Lotte's purpose is to make a positive contribution to social issues. How? Through valuebased research, concepting and  carefully positioned writing. With a...

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