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Coaching & Training

Metaal Kathedraal (Mekka) was founded by Abel Tatje and Maureen Baas. They made it a breeding ground for cultural talent and sustainability at a beautiful location in Utrecht. Their whole event company has a circular DNA. Having a dynamic growth, they faced the challenge to set up their own kitchen and lunchroom with the circular philosophy. A process of management coaching and staff training began.

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Client: Metaal Kathedraal
What we did:
  • Staff training
  • Coaching management
  • Chef training
  • Cost control
  • Circular kitchen & waste management
Metaal Kathedraal

From philosophy to real time food handling

When you have a visionary client, you always get inspired by their ideology. You also see the problems entrepreneurs face when they want to do things out of everybody’s comfort zone. A circular company management means that there will be no concessions in sustainability.

So, if we take this to the current trend in the foodservice industry, there is a lot to win. Of course, companies are undertaking small/large steps in the sustainability transition, but food handling and waste management are still facing a lot of challenges. A few examples of these challenges are: transparency about food origin, local produce and offering food that has been grown, harvested, produced, shipped and produced without harming animals, people or planet.


Step by step

Working at Mekka we started with small steps. Kitchen design, HACCP hygiene, menu, food book, chef training and cost control were al aligned in 6 months of work. We Design Food operated as a sounding board. In this time, they refurbished their kitchen, bar and restaurant area and started to form a hospitality team for their events. With hard work, they opened their lunchroom ‘Boelens’ and started to communicate their philosophy.

Mekka started an organic market and a food program with left over jars for people in the neighbourhood. They worked together with organic caterers for big parties and step by step, their own kitchen team served food not only for lunch guests, but also for the small parties. A beautiful development with big credits for Maureen and Abel’s persistent approach.

An ongoing process

With this kind of project management, it is very important to keep up with the process and remind everybody what their responsibility is. You cannot walk away when it gets hard, because it is a team effort and a process like this always goes with blood, sweet and tears. When you built up something from scratch, on new grounds, you need a persistent approach from your partners. We managed and helped with facts, sheets, feedback and statistics. We guided by dynamic input, keeping it simple and trying to get the most efficient effect on site. You have to be honest about wrong decisions, and show respect for visionary solutions, which are often not the easiest.

Creating a successful operating kitchen and company is one thing, but doing it with a new way of thinking and creating a new way of working is something else. For now we still face challenges in the staff training process and waste management, because the circular way is the only way and people often choose the easy option. At Mekka, this is not good enough. We support Mekka in achieving their goals, and see a leading company in the sustainable industry.

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