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Pop-Up events

Creating an experience. It is the new way of approaching the market. It can be a festival, private dining or an event in an abandoned factory. Consumers have to be part of a unique and distinctive experience, of which they can tell their friends and network. We Design Food delivers unique (pop-up) food concepts & events according to your standards and briefing, anywhere in the world!

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Client: Food Unplugged & ART Rotterdam
What we did:
  • Distinctive production
  • Unique experience
  • Natural, raw & real
  • High flexibility
  • Trendsetting
  • Highly suited for story telling


The foodunplugged event is a yearly outdoor experience where the whole Dutch foodservice sector is present. With every year having a theme, this year asked for ‘Barefoot Luxury’.

In Co-production with BBQ eventing company Smokey Goodness (with founder ‘the rough chef’) and powered by the leading fish supplier Jan van As, We Design Food created the evening dinner for 600 guests, only using fire & smoke.

Nothing to hide

In the case of the Foodunplugged event, the real challenge was uniting the different elements and messages of the partners present. We wanted to show how to be creative with vegetables, cooked only in ash, we wanted a focus on fish discards (meaning: that it does not exists)

and we tried to show how all the partners presented their skills in a ‘nothing to hide’ atmosphere. On a stage existing only of sand and fire, we cooked up this incredible dinner. Let the pictures be the prove of our skills.


Important in creating these pop-up events, is telling the story in an attractive and dynamic way; so the guests will pick up your motive and objective. The focus on the brand has to come forward without being too aggressive in communicating the actual logo or brand name. It has to feel right and natural, just as the event itself. This process of creating brand awareness, takes a thorough preparation in your project team.

We Design Food will be the partner that brings this process to a successful conclusion. In several sessions and storyboards we test the way all the partners want to tell their story. Finally, after a set storyboard, we communicate this with the team and the client so that we can unify all the outings and the way of telling the story to the audience.

Be flexible

Creating a successful pop-up event means; be flexible. Usually, the location asks for creative solutions and handling vigorously on challenges along the way. We Design Food takes time for timing issues and the ‘what if’s’; having a plan B is never a luxury in our world. At ART Rotterdam, we had to integrate the working area (kitchen, dishwashing, bar, barfood, storage) and the actual restaurant. We had to unify different partners for furniture, flower decoration and kitchen equipment. It had to feel as if this place existed for a long time, with a team and brigade expressing pure hospitality. It is hard work and precise preparation. With a high demanding target group from the fashion and art world from all over the world, there was no room for error. So it is not just the food, although people will only feel totally taking care of and relaxed when the food is good.

Catch the stage by giving soul to an event, a building and/or a company, and producing something out of the box; that is the goal with a pop-up concept created by We Design Food.

  • News picked up during the ART Rotterdam fair.
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Popup event Art Rotterdam
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