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Recipe & Quality

StarCuisine is a leading company in the ready to go meal market and food production. They are the authority in high quality ready meals, with strong anchors in Oriental cuisines. They deliver both foodservice in large (custom made) batches and ready- meals. We Design Food helps with food concept delivery: culinary quality control, creative development and standardisation.

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Client: StarCuisine
What we did:
  • Recipe Design
  • Recipe standardisation
  • Development new dishes
  • Quality control
  • Implementation workflow
  • Training product handling in production
  • Inspiration

Creation, creativity & innovation

The demand for big selling dishes and new food trends is high. The market for ready to go food is booming and the whole foodservice industry focusses on food, food concepts and instore food experience.

StarCuisine delivers high quality meals in wide variety, packages and styles. They are highly flexible and deliver to the current demands and co-create product together with clients.


Good food

People enjoy good food, off course. But in the current marketplace there is a lot of room for improvement both in product handling and execution. So, good food, is not something that comes for granted. With StarCuisine having an enormous network and clientele; they set the standard for good food in every segment. Helping them in this task, is very satisfying. When we design new food components, sauces ore complete dishes, we develop a new chance to surprise the clients and their category managers or chefs. The goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible, so their clients can focus on presentation and finishing touch.

We Design Food loves to be part of a long-term partnership, where there is room for steady development, step by step. This way, we make the innovation and process of growth SMART and add value to the company by taking responsibility from a food idea to a well-executed dish on the table; anywhere in Europe.

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