Food Concept Design

A new foodconcept starts with a brainstorm. It is important that we understand why an investor and owner of a business want to start a restaurant and from which philosophy it sprouts. A project kick off is essential in the whole concept development. We need to align on direction and strategy as thorough as possible and it is vital that cards are on the table. Off course, our formed goals and targets need to meet with the owner’s objectives. The culinary strategy, kitchen management and the culinary communication have to be in line with the whole team, often existing out of an architect, project leader, builder and chef.

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Client: Café Comodo
What we did:
  • Team brainstorm
  • Menu design & implementatie
  • Recipe Development
  • Coaching
  • Kitchen management system
  • Guarding Marge

Return on investment!

Starting a new restaurant, and especially in Amsterdam, is a serious matter. Big investments are made, staff is hired, rental contracts are signed, and the business has to be relevant for the catchment area. How can you start something that will last and has a sustainable DNA? Off course, you want to surprise people and set a mark for your competitors. But on the other hand, what you also need is a timeless concept because the future is uncertain and there will be another generation of consumers with other need and demands. Faster than some people think! To be a 100% owner of your culinary concept for us is vital in this process of coming to a final concept. A leaving chef should not have the effect to end a menu or culinary standard or extract the used recipes. This all has to be owned by the business and all kitchen management has to be an autonomous system.

We design this whole structure digitally and all of the recipes, mice en place, ordering and margin calculations are managed online. This does not mean that we do not need or want a team of chefs. Personality and workflow are essential in a restaurant business. The structure is designed to help the chefs and give the owners an insight in kitchen activities. At Café Comodo we have a young and almost raw team that rocks a full house every day. Especially in this situation, it is so good to have backbone that helps the team. A system and structure that assists, safeguards and monitors. Now, the chef and his team are able to give full focus on the important things. We as We Design Food stay on board to monitor the whole kitchen dynamics, long after the opening or kick off. Our work is done when the system fully works.

"Food Design within the margin"

Fooddesign is a story about a beautiful designed plate and composition with the perfect flavours for the guest at the table and doable for the chefs within the set margin. Above all, we like to begin with the practical conditions and then use all our creativity to use available playground. To challenge everybody in a team is also a big thing in our line of business. We want to stretch that playground to the max and go for a full use of all capacity. This is because we want to avoid a level and concept that feels safe above all.

From our experience and professional background, we know what will work out and how a business can be run in a culinary way. This two powers of We Design Food bring something essential to the table. We deliver a foodconcept where both guest, chef and owner will be happy. Now, and in the future.

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