Food Marketing

When a food brand wants to enter a new market or consumer group, they look for a high brand awareness. Food concept transformation makes a brand, product or event ready for the future. Phaff Export Marketing helps companies to set their brands in new markets and create a positive feel in the consumer experience. We Design Food helped with the food marketing and added creativity in the process.

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Client: Phaff export marketing
What we did:
  • Product design
  • Photography
  • Fuse brand & experience
  • Storytelling & food marketing
  • Customization
  • Consumer awareness

The best experience

In most cases on the Dutch foodmarket, new products are introduced by sampling in supermarkets or crowded areas. In combination with advertisement and sale promotions in supermarkets, the implementation ends. We think a more custom approach can be very effective and in case of American Sweet Potato and Phaff we took their products and linked them to certain public events, specific recipe (books), social media exposure and conference fairs.

The reach of the marketing is smaller, but the acceptation and adoptation is far more higher. So sales will be boost more effective. Not a scattergun approach, but a sniper aiming for a precise target group.

The magnifying glass

Research is key in this process. We always want to know exactly what the product consists of technically, and what the mission of this product is today and in the future. Take a product like sweet potato. A large market with a lot of competition. How is the American sweet potato group going to increase its market share in Europe? Of course you want the resellers to buy-in in big numbers. But then again; why are they going to choose for your company and not another sweet potato market?

More important is; how can we enlarge the demand from a consumer perspective and make sure all the communication and presentation is unified threw the whole sales. We don’t want to sell something that is non-existing, or tell a lie so that consumers are willing to buy quicker. We also don’t want to focus on the other competitors. So keep it real and present the product in the best way within the desired market.

Food Marketing

Zoom-in: Beach Festival

With the popular ‘The Beach Festival’ (Festival Strand, red.), in Utrecht, we designed the concept LKKR (means: tasting good, nice!). This was a broad culinary foodtruck where we produced several original and fun food items for the visitors. The goal here was to show some food class in this setting, and make it look good as a total concept. This will stand out in the ‘normal’ festival food setting. In one of the food items we integrated the sweet potato crisps as a crispy topping to a comfort food dish.

The feedback was incredible! Everybody wanted to have more (which off course was no problem at all) and taste them separately. The whole experience accompanied by a certain quality level really worked for the product and the festival visitors really picked it up and talked about it. The rumour around the brand and the ideas about product differentiation were all extra’s.

We like that sort of outcome.

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