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Sourcing & supply chain

Food is always part of an event. Every event can be subject of great food, no matter the visitors, occasion or budget. And what if this food can have a broader goal? What about highlighting your brand, activate your visitors and be special – stand out! When you affiliate yourself with good, inspiring food; people will talk about it. We Design Food facilitates the process with our professional network and sourcing & supply chain management. We find solutions to reduce the work load and connect you to the best food suppliers for your needs. We find you the supporting partners so your team can focus on the main goal: serve the best food every time and make clients happy!

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Client: Tausch brand-sensations
What we did:
  • Linking partners and suppliers
  • Unique food productions
  • Specialized sourcing
  • Culinary project management
  • Staff communication
  • Instagram look&feel

Partner in brand activation

The #instastoryfestival was a unique production for one thousand lucky visitors and influencers. Working together with leading brand activation bureau Tausch, we served as a creative partner for all the culinary items that were served. Next to this process, we also managed the whole culinary execution on the event itself and ensured that all the German staff (50 of them) worked according to plan.

We faced a leading American client and trendsetting event in Germany, planned from The Netherlands; so a more then thorough preparation was needed.

Speak your languages

With the multi company event structure from different countries, we faced communication in different languages. At the event itself, it resulted in speaking German, English and Dutch. Being flexible and having a good understanding of our languages is vital in this process.

We Design Food is not scared to take the stage; no matter what country or origin people have. Making sure the main goal of the whole event is reached, and be excellent in what we do; is key.

Instastory Festival Soursing instastoryfestival

Inspiring food

The food at the Instastory festival had to look brilliant. It had to be exactly that kind of food that teenagers desire: Instagrammable, good looking food that perfectly complements their selfie (or story). What we served the Instastory festival guests? What about led powered cotton candy sticks; Instagram emoticon macarons, specially made by leading pattisier Hidde de Brabander; edible bubbles; custom made donuts; rainbow cocktails with nitro artists and a coconut heaven bar with funky looking fresh coconuts! This outcome of food items came down from a large proposition, because we wanted to show the process of creating this kind of food to the client. Managing expectations, be precise in the whole experience and be transparent in the real costs was key in this process. Funky food maybe is easy to think off, but can you make it happen for 1000 guests? Both Tausch and We Design Food served as the connection between creativity and the practical outcome, without undermining the uniqueness of the whole event.


The event itself was a dynamic and high traffic happening full of highlights. There was no room for a dull moment with a 5 hour schedule. So the written plan in detail, the strategy, was very important and took care of all the key elements. We Design Food handled the whole event process, from food production to the staff serving the food to the guests. With everyone in place at the right time and place with perfect looking food and enthusiastic communication, we could only be proud of a team achievement.

After an event like this, we raised our glass with the whole team present; because there is nothing like looking back on a successful execution in a high demanding market.


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