Year of the Foodconcept: Farm Filled Bread

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A transparent short chain

In recent years, consumers have started to look more critically at food combined with sustainability. This involves looking not only at production but also at the supply chain. Consumers are therefore increasingly interested in transparent short chains, where sustainability can be checked. For this reason, we developed a recipe of filled rolls in which we worked with ‘short-chain products’ as much as possible.

Remy Cornet

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A ‘Short-chain product’ is a policy term better known as a local or regional product. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of these short chains. So you can also see that the demand for transparency is growing. The question of what am I actually eating? Is being asked more and more often.

Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry who opt for short-chain products do so to add experience to their menu or assortment. The following two tracks are distinguished here

  •  A quality perspective
    A marketing perspective. It is a means of differentiating themselves from large companies and formulas.
  • Like these filled sandwiches, for example, these sandwiches use Blue d Alkmaar lady blue a special goat cheese. One of the few raw-milk goat cheeses from the Netherlands.

Would you also like to make these filled rolls yourself? Then skip the supermarket for once to buy your ingredients. But go to the local cheese shop and bakery or, to make the chain even shorter, visit a farmer and a mill and get advice!