Culinairy Food Concepts

The development of a food concept brings everything you need to start up, roll out and sustain a branded food concept.

The whole shebang. Our direct answer regarding to ‘What do we want to do all day?’. We believe in a long-term relationship, getting the time to create and manage the concept based on data. The development of a food concept brings everything you need to start up, roll out and sustain a branded food concept. Of course, we also give you the opportunity to source specific services like menu engineering, food curatorship and recipe development. Overall, we see Food concept development as a system that touches all activities and services to get a concept going, committed to process and culinary standards. The general expected performance is achieved with operational excellence, that comes from a solid concept creation, fully developed recipes and tested flows and test-runs.

We follow fixed project phases based on our own food concept model to create and deliver fast and thorough. Our strategy and focus exist because of this. The best outcome is achieved in this way, having a logical follow up of every actions prior to it; and therefore, we can promise results and give you insight in every step we take.  


Because we understand that bringing a concept live, also requires financial expertise, placemaking / scouting, architectonic design and technical mapping; we are very comfortable working together with concept bureaus and professionals working in the field. 

We believe that, especially with the current large scale-up regarding food, food concepts and the required supply chain (Horeca, foodservice, general food facility and staff catering) that is currently taking place; working from your specialism within a team of experts is the way to go; and we are able to get you that team or blend in with yours. 

Menu engineering

Menu engineering comes after the delivery of a concept or can be the start of a project to get an idea how an already operational concept is performing. Based on data of sales, margins and recipes we see how the menu is performing, and we structure the menu in hard sellers (stars), non-sellers (dogs), expensive to prepare and so on. The outcome is a clear performance and based on that an advice on further development or new menu strategy. We look closely to the proposition, brand and target group to develop new menu items and a good structure in the menu that communicates the right things, talking the right language and performing in minimum order amount and upselling possibilities.  

With menu engineering, you can check how your concept is performing, or what your concept needs to transform of deliver even better. 

We believe that with menu engineering done in the right way, based on exact recipes and truthful operational data, you can adjust and develop your food offer very quickly and with excellent results. It often takes some time and training to get the data right, organise it to get a clear vision and get your teams to deliver the correct day to day operational data. But, it will get you to where you want to be; and that is in a place where you make decisions based on facts. 

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