Recipe & Product development

We develop complete (ready to go) dishes and components (ambient, chilled and frozen) in large industrial or small scale. From full meal cycles to a strong foodservice snack assortment and from start-up innovative introductions to big brand continue developments; our team always delivers quality products with your partners and within the specific production environment. 

Recipe development comes naturally after a menu design or preliminary design, often within the full food concept design. But it can also be that we are asked to specifically develop new items for a food menu, menu cycle, foodbook or catering cycle.

What is the focus when you develop a recipe

For foodservice, the focus is more on product development, where we design complete (ready to go) dishes, meals and components (chilled and frozen). We develop small and large scale production recipes on industrial scale or the more crafted clients (small badges, detailed steps). Shelf life, flavour transference and the understanding of production lines and its possibilities are vital here. With the right knowledge every challange has its method and strategy so that flavour can excel.  

This is a big part in what we do, and we are specialists in this area

Linking the recipe to product quality and shelve life within a specific production environment always provides the decisive guidance when delivering a top quality product. Both recipe as well as the proces to the end prduct are connected strongly, and the ask for a specialised vision on food quality as a whole. 

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