A Team of culinairy professionals

Good food is a beautiful thing. Our values, technical skills and services are all aligned to bring you the best food concept design in the market. Our food has impact and delivers a tangible result. Our network of suppliers, food producers and chefs is as strong as it gets and will allow you to deliver consistent quality time and time again. We are ready!

Arne Ramak
Arne Ramak
Food Creator

Arne never sleeps. He is the scientific base of what eating really is and means within a project. Arne in two words? Recipe-king...

Louis Meisen
Louis Meisen
Food Concept Strategist

Louis works from his passion for food and has a perfect sense for food quality and trends. Mission?...

Remy Cornet
Jr. Project Manager & Concept Developer

Creativity is in Remy’s blood. No sky is the limit. His mission: everything can be done differently, as long as you believe in it as a team and it actually creates added value. With his critical, creative and open mind,

Patricia Ploeger
Patricia Ploeger
Dietist & Nutrition Technologist

Patricia doesn’t fool around when it comes to food and the understanding of our diet. She knows what’s in your food and what’s going on in the world of food producers and their products. Food and nutricion sits in het

Julia Back
Project Manager & Concept Developer

Enjoying good and exquisite food is what she loves to do most. As an experience expert in countless food concepts, she wants to exceed the expectations of our customers on practical as well as creative design. Together with our enthusiastic

Judy Berkhout
Jr. Concept developer

Judy has a great passion for the food industry. Her curious personality helps her to stay critical and always take the next step. With her creativity, enthusiasm and teamwork, Judy knows how to make a success of every project. With

WDF Internship
Intern Marketing / Project manager / Concept Developer

Are you creative and critical and do you like to work in an ambitious, young team?